About Me

My name is Dinos, short for Konstantinos. I studied computer science and network security, and I work as a systems and security engineer. Currently, I’m employed at Learnworlds as a DevOps Engineer. Previously, I held various positions in the infosec and systems engineering areas. I enjoy working with computers, building and monitoring systems, discovering security vulnerabilities, and working with technology in a straightforward manner without over-engineering.

While I appreciate working with computers, I hold a critical stance toward technology and the potential threats posed by each technological advancement. Building, owning, and controlling the technology we use is incredibly important to me, which is why I aim to self-host as many services as possible. I am a privacy advocate, believing in decentralization, open access to information, and an open web. I see myself as a politically aware individual, concerned about social injustice, working class battles, environmental sustainability, and the common welfare.

I’m a member of the LibreOps team, a collective of hackers worldwide striving to (re-)decentralize the Internet by providing distributed, free (as in freedom) services to the world.

Being a parent of one, I believe that it’s one of the most challenging tasks human beings can undertake. I try to do it as well as I can, knowing and accepting, though, that I will make a lot of mistakes. When I am not working or parenting, I work out, travel, ride my motorcycle, and engage in other hobbies..

You can contact me via email at dinos@stamou.cc or on Matrix at @dinos:matrix.org.