37c3 Log


The Conference

During the Christmas holidays, I had the opportunity to attend the 37th Chaos Computer Congress, one of the oldest and biggest computer, hacking, and tech politics conferences globally.

It was my second attendance at the conference (the previous one was 35c3 in 2017 in Leipzig), but my first at the CCH conference center in Hamburg, recently renovated.

I love that CCC has a political view embedded in its core, something I strongly believe in. Another aspect I admire is the level of self-organization required to manage a global-scale event with over 15,000 attendants, showcasing that self-organization, solidarity, and kindness can accomplish great things.

As it was my second time at CCC, I didn’t experience the initial wow effect, but it allowed me to understand and engage more thoroughly with talks, self-organized assemblies, hacking sessions, and more.

I will summarize the talks I watched and other highlights:


Things I Admired

  • How the congress is set up, with the help of many people (angels), and how self-organization of many people can achieve such a conference.
  • The respect between the people at the congress and how everyone is accepted and welcomed.
  • The technical feasibility of the conference; there is a related talk called Infrastructure Review.

Things I Enjoyed

  • Many talks and sessions with friends about technology and politics.
  • The internal 2G/4G Network of CCC.
  • Many art installations throughout the congress.
  • Soldering things from Blinky Parts, mostly worked on afterwards at home.
  • Postcards from Chaos Post.
  • The music between the talks (Pausenmusik)